whitetail deer rut

Freakishly Gigantic Buck

Freakish Gigantic Buck: Do You Think This is Fenced or Free Range?

This is one gigantic buck with width and mass and droptines! It definitely is a beast. Deer this large have several things going for them including genetics, a wonderful supply of forage and usually little to no hunting pressure. Bucks this big wandering around during the day definitely are comfortable in their surroundings. It...


Tips for Hunting the Whitetail Deer Rut

Story by Bill Vaznis Let’s face the facts. The vast majority of whitetails are shot more or less by accident. Every couple of years or so, we real-world hunters get lucky and have a buck suddenly materialize under our tree stand or pop out in front of us as we walk nonchalantly back to...


Hunt the Prime of the 2012 Deer Rut

The 2012 white-tailed deer rut is mere weeks away from kicking into full gear. Are you prepared? Deer & Deer Hunting has two brand-new downloads that will help make sure you’re in your stand for deer hunting’s primetime.   2012 Rut Forecast Target the best days to be in your stand this fall using...