whitetail deer

Charlie Alsheimer

Charlie Alsheimer’s Insights on Deer Behavior

Veteran hunter and researcher Charlie Alsheimer has observed white-tailed deer for more than 40 years, and some of his findings are interesting. He’s watched deer from birth to death, seeing the behaviors, interactions and more. Check out his insights on the latest Deer Talk Now to learn more about our favorite game animal.


Can Contraception Work to Control Deer? New York Town May Find Out

A town in New York is planning to try contraception in an effort to control its white-tailed deer population that has become a serious problem Will it work? Who knows? Contraception has been touted and promoted by animal-rights activists and anti-hunters for years. The cost of such a widespread project often has been enough...


Summer Fawns and Bucks

When things heat up in summer you never know what might show up on the game cameras! If you don’t have cameras on your property then you don’t have as much information about deer, predators and possibly even poachers or trespassers. Check out these super cameras. Cuddeback Non-Typical Ambush IR features fast trigger speeds,...

Giant Piebald Buck

What’s Up With These Piebald Deer?

Piebald deer have some unique genetic characteristics that turn portions of their hair white. They’re not albinos, and they’re not diseased. But they do have a gene out of whack that creates the unique coloration. Check out some of these deer found throughout different areas of the country.   WATCH YOUR DEER HERD, SPOT...


Can CWD In Deer Be Controlled, Or Is It Here To Stay?

Ever since chronic wasting disease was discovered four decades ago, biologists and hunters have wondered if it can be eradicated, controlled or if it’s here to stay with further expansion in the United States. By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor Here in the Southeast we haven’t had CWD pop up in the white-tailed deer population....

A buck with hemorrhagic disease, which is caused by a virus and affects a deer's ability to eat and breathe. (Photo: Bob Funke/Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism)

Summer Deer Disease Gaining Traction Throughout United States

Hemorrhagic disease, spread by a virus and commonly seen during hot summer months, appears to be spreading more rapidly throughout the United States. Hemorrhagic disease is caused by the caused by the EHD virus (EHDV) and bluetongue virus (BTV). The virus can affect deer, sheep and cows, and is believed caused by a biting...