Become a Creature of Habit

By Steve Bartylla We’ve been trained to avoid falling into ruts. After all, if we take the same route into the woods every time or hunt our favorite stands too often, we risk having deer pattern us. Still, some habits are good. One is making a last check of the hourly weather before hitting the...


Do Wounded Deer Circle Sometimes?

  Most deer shot through the vitals die quickly and run only a short distance and only in one direction before going down. Wounded deer that don’t go down quickly, though, seldom run a straight line after being hit. Most begin curving a little left or right after traveling a short distance. Directions often...


You Can Become a Better Bowhunter

Bowhunting for white-tailed deer has witnessed an explosion of interest in the past 20 years. As deer populations have soared and bowhunting gear and tactics have gone mainstream, more and more deer hunters are pickup up stick and string to chase their favorite quarry. Shoot a bow long enough, and you will desire to...