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Paul Ryan Hunter, Our Next Vice President?

Read the full Paul Ryan deer hunting interview here! Without a doubt, the Aug. 11 announcement of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., as Mitt Romney’s pick for the GOP Vice President spot immediately sent waves coursing throughout the outdoors community.


DMAP: A Deer Hunting Fix or Fallacy for State Herds?

As the dust settles from the many months of speculation and political posturing over Wisconsin’s deer czar report, hunters are still left wondering what will become of the final recommendations. Earlier this week, Texas deer biologist James Kroll (known as Dr. Deer) issued the report amidst much fanfare. As reported here on the Whitetail...


DNR Secretary: Give Us Time To Work

DNR Secretary Stepp response to call for replacement of deer management staff By Cathy Stepp, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources On Tuesday, we received the Wisconsin deer report from Deer Trustee, Dr. James Kroll and his team Dr. David Guynn and Dr. Gary Alt. This comprehensive report included a series of recommendations that...

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James Kroll Wisconsin Deer Report: No Sizzle, No Steak

After months of waiting and thousands of forum and blog comments made across the blogosphere, Texas deer biologist James “Dr. Deer” Kroll has issued his final recommendations to “fix” Wisconsin’s so-called deer problem. BY DANIEL E. SCHMIDT, D&DH EDITOR If a tree falls in front of 700,000 deer hunters, would anyone hear it? That...


Governor Holding Up ‘Dr. Deer’ Final Report

According to a report by Ron Seely of the Wisconsin State Journal, Wisconsin deer hunters only have one more day to wait before the state state releases the controversial report prepared for Gov. Scott Walker by Texas deer management expert Dr. James Kroll. According to Seely, Kroll delivered his report last week, but publication...

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Another Wolf Hunting Season Plan Takes Shape

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has set a preliminary harvest quota for the hunting and trapping season planned to begin in October. The agency released a goal of 142 to 233 wolves as it planned four meetings  to collect public input on what would be Wisconsin’s first regulated wolf harvest. The state would...

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Antlers, Wolf Tracks & Buck Deer Pumpkin Art

It might only be June, but who isn’t already thinking about deer hunting this fall? Everyone here at Deer & Deer Hunting, of course, never stops thinking about it. But it really is weird to think that we’re only a stone’s throw away from bowhunting season. That’s enough to get me excited to go...