Working Class Whitetails


Working Class Whitetails: Giant Buck Comes from Nowhere

When deer season rolls around we want to be in the woods as much as possible, but that’s not always how things work out. Collin King and the Working Class Whitetails team hit the stand for an early November bow hunt with bucks on the prowl for a hot doe. A little rattling, some...


Working Class Whitetails: Rattling Up a Monster Buck

Do you still get pumped-up excited when you’re deer hunting? Most of us still get that big jolt of adrenaline whether a doe or buck is in front of us. Check out this week’s Working Class Whitetails episode, where Zach Kathol almost loses his mind after seeing a giant buck they call Brutus. Working...


Working Class Whitetails: Missouri Bowhunting Success

Working Class Whitetails heads to Missouri for the opener and Steve Marriott is ready for what could be an exciting hunt. See what transpires when he finally gets in the stand and has a chance at a cool buck. +++++ Learn How to Kill Big Bucks Solidly grounded in Bartylla’s wealth of experience, this...


Kind-Hearted Donors Help with Whitetail Dream Hunt

This week on Working Class Whitetails, youth hunter Conner Griffitt goes on a dream hunt in Ohio thanks to the work of several kind-hearted hunters. Join Griffitt and his family as they visit with new friends and then hit the woods for a hunt they’ll never forget.


Working Class Whitetails: Smokepole Giant in the Snow

Nick Herzberg says he’s never been a big muzzleloader guy but he was ready to go after a buck that got away from him during the earlier bow season. Although the smokepole can reach out, there were some tenuous moments when things didn’t look good. When the smoke cleared, it was all good! +++++...


Working Class Whitetails: Finding the Giant in the Dark

Tyler Gray had a super Iowa buck come within range on his hunt but did he make the best shot? Bowhunting can be tough, sometimes, and this hunt is one that put him on edge. Working Class Whitetails, Season 1 Episode 3. Originally published Oct. 14, 2016. Working Class Whitetails: Finding the Giant in...


Working Class Whitetails: Kansas Rut Monster Buck

Ryan Welch is stationed in Germany and isn’t able to hunt the 2016 season, but this awesome bowhunt from Kansas last year should get your blood pumping. Welch and the Working Class Whitetails crew filmed this hunt during which he watched several deer and a big buck tending some does. When it came time...


Working Class Whitetails: Dream Buck Under the Stand

Working Class Whitetails makes its debut with hot deer hunts that will make you ready to get in the woods. In this debut episode, Kyle Shipley is bowhunting in Iowa and takes aim on a giant buck. But you’ll have to watch to find out what happens! Working Class Whitetails, Season 1 Episode 1....