Meet The Work’n Class Whitetails Crew

Come along with 19 average guys as we work hard for our bucks — just like you do! We hunt hard, with a never-ending passion and we will show you how anyone can manage, track and harvest mature bucks with limited resources and a normal work schedule. We are cops, salesmen, IT managers and construction workers. Our common thread is hunting mature bucks, and we want you to join along. Come along and see what happens as we pour our hearts and souls into this deer season Work’n Class style. >> Read the deer hunting adventures of the Work’n Class Whitetails


Nick is from northwest Arkansas where he was raised. When he’s not in the woods, he spends his time with my wife and daughter. He’s also a full-time firefighter. Nick grew up hunting rabbits and squirrels as a kid and was always thinking, “Today is the day I will land the biggest largemouth bass ever”. He was introduced to deer hunting at age 14. His passion for the sport grew with each passing season. Scouting, planting food plots and setting stands is all a part of the enjoyment he has for the quest of harvesting big bucks. Nick also finds the time to hunt waterfowl, turkeys, doves and all things in between. He’s pleased to be able to share his passion for whitetail deer hunting you’re your through the online video program, Working Class Whitetails. He’s looking forward to sharing his stories of success and failure in pursuit of trophy bucks.


Tanner is a supervisor at H&H Trailer. He grew up in a small town in the southwest corner of Iowa and started hunting by the time he was eight years old. His father and cousin are the people who have taught him the most about hunting. From the time he started playing outdoors he has had a passion for outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. Tanner began filming his hunting activity last year. It added another dimension to the challenge of slaying a trophy buck. He explains, “It’s already hard enough to kill a trophy deer. Add in another person and a bunch of gear and the hunting becomes even more challenging.” Another factor that has encouraged Tanner to take his hunting to the next level is his daughter Kaedyn. She’s four years old and always wants to be around when her dad is involved in hunting activities. She loves to go look for deer or to go shed hunting with Tanner. She’s his little shooting partner and the show gives him the opportunity to share the hunting adventure with her until she’s old enough to go out with him.


Nick is from southwest Iowa. He works for the Lisle Corporation. He’s worked for Lisle for 12 years and is an assistant foreman in the packaging/shipping department. Nick’s passion for the outdoors started over 25 years ago while he was riding along with his grandpa during the Iowa shotgun season. About 16 years ago he bought his first bow. It was then he found a new drive to learn about the biology and behavior of whitetail deer so he could enhance his hunting skills. When he’s not at work he’ll be doing something to prepare for the season. Whether it’s setting up trail cams, or tree stands, or scouting he’s always go hunting on his mind. In the years that Nick has been hunting whitetails he’s had a lot of ups and downs, but it’s the moment when you’re successful in a hunt that he’s looking forward to sharing with you.


Justin enjoys the outdoors so much he made it a career. Justin works for Habitat Forever. He manages game production lands. His father had him hunting at a young age. He was hunting at six years old and by 10 he was bow hunting and slayed his first button buck. Justin started working with Working Class Whitetails about 8 years ago while he was in college. In his first year with the team he filmed himself shooting a 172” whitetail and fell in love with filming hunts.


Liam’s father fueled his love for the outdoors at a young age. He grew up on a small timber plot in northwest Iowa. Liam’s first hunting memories are of going out with his father and shooting squirrels day after day. As he grew older and the passion he had for hunting evolved. It motivated him to become involved in a vocation that will make a difference in the outdoors. This is why he’s studying wildlife and fisheries sciences at South Dakota State University. He also works for Habitat Forever managing state land in central South Dakota. This will be Liam’s first year filming and he’s very excited to get some big deer and produce some great film with multiple tags already drawn!


Tyler is from central Wisconsin and he’s been married to an amazing woman for four years. His passions are anything outside/outdoors with a special emphasis on chasing big whitetails. Tyler also enjoys bow fishing. Duck and goose hunting also take up a large part of his free time. Tyler is works in construction as a heavy equipment operator. Tyler has enjoyed great success during the last few years hunting whitetail. He’s looking forward to applying his hunting skills to create exciting and entertaining video for Working Class Whitetails.


Bill was born and raised in central Wisconsin. He grew up in the outdoors and started hunting and fishing at a young age. Bill has hunted throughout the Midwest and chased many species of game. His favorite prey to hunt is whitetail deer. Bill thrives on the chase of the hunt, the dedication to the sport, and the reward of a successful hunt. He knows that not every hunt is going to be successful. Regardless of the outcome, it’s all about the experience.


Brent and his wife, Carissa, reside in southern Indiana with their two children. He has found memories of hunting with his dad in the fall with his favorite weapon, a bow and arrow. He had fond memories of spending many afternoons shooting bows in the backyard with his older brother. Like many top hunters the passion for the sport developed along with his skill as a hunter which he attributes to his father. About four years ago, Brent decided to add a new challenge to the hunt – filming. He feels blessed to have the chance to film his hunts with his close friends while creating exciting video segments for Working Class Whitetails.


The outdoors has always been where Tyler prefers to be. He explains “the best thing about the outdoors is the excitement of what will come into your setup next.” He started hunting when he was 14 years old. He started with pheasants and stepped up to deer hunting with a shotgun. When he tried bow hunting, he realized it was the ideal sport for him. If he had his way, he would spend every day bow hunting. Tyler enjoys the added challenge filming hunts adds to the sport. With two hunters there’s twice the scent and movement so every hunt has to be well-coordinated to be successful. He works at H&H Trailer as the Cargo Plant Manager. Tyler has been married for six years and had three children, McKynna 2, Brody 8, and Quintyn.


Steven was born and raised in northwest Missouri. He’s married and has two daughters. He’s the assistance service managers at Tri State Ford in Maryville, Missouri The outdoors have always been a huge part of his life and his family’s. Like most avid hunters, his father was instrumental to introducing him to the sport. His father taught him all the values of being in the outdoors, which he’s had the pleasure of sharing with his children. Steven starting filming his hunts about 10 years ago to share the experience with family and friends.


Andrew grew up on a small farm in southwest Iowa. While growing up, he spent most of his time outdoors doing chores, riding bikes, and playing with my brothers. He started hunting small game and it turned into chasing bigger game. It didn’t matter whether he came home with anything or not. Andrew always enjoyed the time spent watching and waiting for prey. He now lives on a farm with my wife and two girls. Hunting is a passion that consumes his free time. He’ll go whenever he can and his hunting partner is his cousin. They work together to film their hunts. Andrew says some of the best time he’s had hunting is sitting in a stand with his cousin reliving memories of past hunts especially those they were able to film. He started hunting with a gun but has taken up using a bow. He finds it very rewarding to bring the game into such close range. As he continues to chase whitetails in the Midwest, he hopes to pass his passion for hunting on to his daughters. Andrew believes there is no better way to find one’s self than spending time with all of God’s creations.


Steve has always been a passionate outdoors person. He spends as much time as he can hunting in the fall. Over the years of pursuing upland game, waterfowl, and whitetail his passion has become bow hunting. The quiet of the woods on a cold crisp fall day is something he has grown to enjoy like nothing else. Over the years the challenge of pursuing trophy whitetail has driven Steve to hunt all across the country. Sometimes he’s been successful most times he has not and that is what continues to drive him back in to the woods. Six years ago he and his childhood friend decided they would add a new wrinkle and began filming our hunts. They found out quickly that it wasn’t as easy as they expected it to be. As Steve explained “There’s so much more than getting a shot at a mature whitetail.” They were excited by what they filmed and have worked at improving their efforts. The outcome of their efforts is some of the top hunting films you’ll see on Working Class Whitetails.


Lance is from southern Alabama. Growing up he spend his free time like most every boy. He spent it hunting, fishing and playing sports. He was lucky to grow-up in his grandfather’s farm where he had nearly an endless supply of pastures and woods to explore and hunt. He got his first bow from his dad at 10 years old. His father showed him how to shoot his bow as well how to climb trees with a climbing tree stand. This started a passion for bow hunting that continues today. He’s proud to say he’s a die-hard bow hunter. You’ll find Lance bow hunting all season long even through gun season. For his graduation from college, he was given a hunt with Tails of the Hunt in southwest Iowa. As luck would have it, Tyler is now a guide for Tails of the Hunt so hunting for Lance is no longer a hobby it’s a way life.


Josh grew up in southwest Iowa. He refers to it as the “Land of the Giants” because of the trophy bucks that populate the area. His adventures in the outdoors started when he was very young. His father took him fishing and pheasant hunting. He started bow hunting after he received his first bow as a Christmas gift when he was 13 years old. He was hooked from his very first hunt and the passion continues today as pursues big, mature whitetails at every opportunity. Josh says “The highs and lows of the hunter are what keeps me thinking about hunting deer 365/24/7.”


Cole started following his dad and brothers through the woods of northern Minnesota when he was 9 years old. When he was old enough to hunt with a gun, his brothers took him to the family farm to hunt pheasant. This started his love for the outdoors. He started bow hunting when he was 16 years old and fell in love with the challenge of getting close to the pray and picking the right shot. As he grew older and more proficient with a bow, he became obsessed with pursuing big bucks. Cole makes it a point to incorporate his family into all aspects of hunting. From planting food plots, checking trail cameras or sitting in the blind together they enjoy the hunt and outdoors together. He explains “At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.” Cole hopes to chase big whitetails until the day he dies. In between now and then he wants to share the excitement of his hunts with other hunters through video.


Tony is married with three kids. He’s a shift superintendent at a grain processing plant. Tony grew up without a father around. He says he owes his passion for the outdoors to his two uncles and grandfather. He enjoys being outdoors all year long doing a variety of activities. His true passion though is chasing whitetail deer.


Jason is a pro staff member for Working Class Whitetails. He grew up in southwestern Wisconsin and has been an avid hunter since the age of 12 years old. He shot his first deer with a gun at the age of 13 and was slayed a deer with a recurve bow at 14. He claims he was hooked for life after these successful hunts. Jason works for the Allamakee County Engineer’s Office in Waukon, Iowa. Even with a very busy schedule he’s still able to make time for his family and hunting. He’s harvested numerous Pope and Young bucks along with many mature gobblers over the years.


Brant will respond to “Toad” as quick as his given name. He claims it’s a nickname he’s had for as long as he can remember. He’s been very enthusiastic about being outdoors just as long. From squirrel hunting to chasing a big buck and everything in between, Toad enjoys it all. He claims that chasing critters has become part of who he is. He’s also busy showing his children the joys of outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.


Born and raised in the Great State of Texas, Bart began hunting at very young age having been introduced to the woods by his father. He honed his skills on small game and waterfowl. His passion for pursuing whitetail soon followed. His career has taken him out of Texas to Kansas where he now has the privilege of chasing whitetails throughout the season on his farm. Bart enjoys hunting big bucks with his son, Jacob, and two daughters, Lauren and Claire. He feels blessed to have a wife, Aimee, who supports his passion and love for the outdoors and my pursuit of whitetails.


Bobby was raised in the hills of southern Indiana. He grew up foraging for mushing, hunting squirrel and fishing. He learned his hunting skills from his grandfather who taught Bobby a lot about life with his hunting lessons. He says that being in the woods is like church to him. He’s found God’s grace and healing there. The woods is where he also found his passion for bow hunting. Bobby explains “There is no better feeling than when a mature buck walks in front of your location. He’s sharing the joy and excitement of hunting with his children, Miranda, Cameron, Alexis, and Olivia. He feels that hunting lessons can help teach his children about life and hopes he’s as good of a teach with his children as his grandfather was with him. Bobby is grateful for his wife, Reggy, who has stood steadfast with him through all of the ups and downs of their life together.