Stay updated on the latest news going on in the whitetail world! From jaw-dropping record bucks, news from state agencies and organizations and weird happenings with deer and deer hunters, the D&DH team stays on top of all things deer.

Stay Tuned: New Season of Grow ’em Big

Welcome back to another season of "Grow 'em Big" with Steve Bartylla. Beginning April 17, the fifth season of this deer management show will continue to offer proven and efficient deer habitat and land-management practices.

The 5 Best Deer Hunters in America

Do you fall into one of these five categories? Even if you don’t, learn how and why deer hunters from these regions outsmart wary whitetails in the hardest-to-hunt areas of North America. by Patrick Meitin Like fly fisherman attributing intellect to trout they cannot catch, all deer hunters believe their deer...