The Full-Time Nature Life Nugent

The Full-Time Nature Life

This time of year can and should play a major role in how effective we can be once the hunting season is upon us, when we climb aboard our much-anticipated deer stands.

Leave a Legacy

Where do the years go? It will soon be 19 years since the late, great Deer & Deer Hunting contributor Charles Alsheimer penned the following paragraph: “Our time on God’s green earth is but a vapor. Make no mistake; the day will come when all of our cycles are complete. The material things we...

food plots for deer

Down-To-Earth Food Plot Work

I salute the farmers, ranchers, private-property owners and the growing army of hunting families that invest so much sweat equity and incredible resources to the food plot work raging across America.

Ultimate Dream: To Hunt Year-Round

“When I was young, I had the time but not the means. Now that I’m older, I have the means but not the time.” That famous quote could apply to just about everything in life. For a moment, let’s dare to apply it just to deer hunting, and let’s dream that impossible dream of...

The Pursuit of Bowhunting Perfection

It was a sticky Sunday evening in July, and I was bored. So, like most 1980s teenagers did, I relied on my imagination for entertainment. Not sure what drew me to that long-abandoned PSE Citation compound bow in the corner of Pa’s garage, but I’m sure it had something to do with the rabbits...