The Critters Save My Life

Never take nature for granted, and never underestimate the unlimited unique powers that are available to us as hunters. May The Great Spirit be forever at your side, and may she guide us to a better place every day.

The Politics of Hunting

If ever there were an arena where we-the-people politics is critical and essential, it is in the world of hunting rights and gun rights. Way too many hunters have been in the liability column, standing on the sidelines, failing to engage in the life-and-death culture war against us.

The Spirit of the Beast

This season, think about a deeper, more spiritual pursuit in the deer woods, and see how deep we can go to experience that out-of-body oneness with the Spirit of the beast. I am convinced that the hunt will be more fun and fulfilling, and the backstraps will be that much more delicious and fortifying.

I Tell You What … We’re Going to Miss You, Steve Puppe

If you watch any hunting shows on TV and enjoy some of the larger-than-life characters, you can thank, in part, Steve Puppe for that experience. Steve Puppe was “The Man” before the Michael Waddells, Lee Lakoskys, Pat Reeves and Mark Drurys hit their collective stride on national TV programs. And it all started with...

The Queen of the Forest

Now is the perfect time to dedicate ourselves to the most important role in the hunting world — recruitment of new sporters, particularly the women in our lives.

Is It Deer Season Yet?

It might not be hunting season just yet, but I sure won’t wait for any specific time of year to get out there and let nature heal and inspire me. All of this outdoor fun translates into deerseason preparation scouting at its finest and most effective.