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Great deer processing tips and gear articles, along with venison recipes to make your next meal a real trophy.


Mouth-Watering Venison Rouladen

Here is one of the best venison recipes we have seen in quite a while: Venison rouladen! Rouladen (or Rinderrouladen) is an Old World German dish. Is consists of bacon, onions, mustard and pickles, wrapped in a thin slice of meat. Modern folks often use beef, but the dish is originally...

Foodie Friday: Breakfast Venison Tacos

Foodie Friday: Breakfast Venison Tacos

They always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Who are we to argue that fact, when wild-game meat is part of the meal? This recipe for breakfast venison tacos is one worth waking up at the crack of dawn for.
Venison Steak Gyros

Foodie Friday: Venison Steak Gyros

It’s a mistake to think that venison is only for celebration meals, special occasions or snacking. If you’re going to shoot deer, you’d better create additional options with your bounty of venison, and venison steak gyros are often overlooked.
Grilling Venison to Perfection

Foodie Friday: Grilling Venison to Perfection

Regardless if the temperature and weather forecast agree or not, this Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to summer, and grilling venison is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the summer outdoors. Here are a few tricks to remember when cooking venison on the grill.