Alsheimer: Peak Period for Buck Antler Growth

By Charles J. Alsheimer In my June 6 and June 20 blogs I shared with you a specific buck’s antler growth (150-inch-class buck). Today’s photo shows what he looked like on July 1. As you can see his antler size has made a dramatic jump since June 15, and in the next few weeks his...

C.Alsheimer 00992-00511S June 15

Alsheimer: Whitetail Antler Growth is Speeding Up

By Charles J. Alsheimer Now that we’ve reached the longest day of the year antler growth will explode throughout the whitetail’s range. In my blog entry two weeks ago I showed a photo of a mature buck’s antler growth on June 1st.  The accompanying photo shows that same buck photographed again on June 15th. As you can see, the...

Mature bucks are starting to show the growth of what their antlers will look like this fall.

Big Bucks Starting to Show Velvet Antlers

By Charles J. Alsheimer Antler growth on mature whitetail bucks begins around the end of March.  For the first month this growth represents little more than two inches.  However, by the end of April growth ramps up on most monster bucks in the 4- to 8-year-old range. The accompanying photo is of a buck...

Online Course Required For Hunting Shed Antlers in Utah

Want to gather shed antlers in Utah? Late winter and early spring is the worst time of the year for elk, moose and especially deer in Utah. In the winter, deep snow makes it hard for deer to move and find food. And cold temperatures sap the deers’ strength. By the time winter ends,...

The Biggest Buck of 2012?

Does anyone know more information on this photo? We are told that it is a legit 2012 harvest. We do not know the state, but believe it came from Ohio. If you have information, just post it as a reply to this blog post.  


B&C Dethrones Hopes for King Buck

    It’s over. The Johnny King Buck will not be a new world record in the Boone and Crockett Record Book. Earlier today, the club panel-scored the deer and, as predicted on this blog Friday, stood by the originally revised score of 180-0/8 that Wisconsin scorer John Ramsey gave the deer after receiving...

TX buck mount

The Season: Deer Mount Stirs Excitement

Two days until bow season starts here in Wisconsin. I’m absolutely coming out of my skin. Can’t really sleep at night; can’t concentrate at work … especially when work is writing, talking and thinking about deer and deer hunting! Spent my lunch hour driving to Mike Laskowski’s Spring Creek Taxidermy shop in Amherst, Wis.,...