Deer Attacks Driver of Car that Hit Him!

Hitting a deer with a vehicle usually has a wide range of possible outcomes, almost all of which are bad for the vehicle and far worse for the deer.

deer-attacks-driverFor the car, you’ll get everything from smashed lights and crumpled quarter panels to full-blown destruction of hoods, bumpers, windshields and more. About 10 or so years ago driving through Mississippi at night, the driver of an expensive SUV in front of me hit a deer with the right front of the vehicle. A shower of shimmering glass from the light rained down as the deer flipped, landed and bolted off.

For the deer, getting hit by a 2,500-pound (or larger) vehicle usually results in death. Whether it’s instantaneous or comes later due to broken bones and internal injuries, or perhaps a broken hip or back and death by coyotes, the outcome usually isn’t good.

So check out this wild police dash cam video of a vehicle hitting a deer and the deer attacking the driver. Watch it several times, because it’s just crazy.


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