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We’re 100 Percent Whitetails

Anthony D’Angelo might have penned those words a mere 15 years ago, but the founders of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine implemented the principle as a mission statement more than 33 years ago. D&DH expanded that vision of providing practical and comprehensive information for white-tailed deer hunters by branching out into television and relaunching our Web site in 2005.

This year marks the era of yet another milestone: fusing all three mediums in the creation of the D&DH Insider program. If you’re serious about whitetails, this is
a great package for you: a year subscription to D&DH, full access to seven online hunting seminars, and an exclusive insider’s discount to any product at www.shopdeerhunting.com — with no limits and free shipping on qualified purchases. Best of all, you don’t need to be a new subscriber to take advantage of this offer.
Current customers will have a year (10 issues) added to their subscription when they upgrade to Insider status.

D&DH is a magazine produced for you: the serious whitetail hunter. An annual subscription brings you 10 info-packed issues. No elk. No antelope. No moose. No
bears. And no turkeys. Not that there’s anything wrong with those game animals. They’re certainly fun to hunt, but they’re not what D&DH is about. We are all whitetails, all the time.

In case this is your first time reading D&DH, our issue dates and themes are as follows:

Summer: Land Management Issue.

August: Bow-Hunting Issue.

Deer Hunters’ Equipment Annual.

September: Strategies for the Pre-Rut.

October: Hunting Rutting Bucks.

November: Special Big-Buck Issue.

December: Gun-Hunting Issue.

January: Late-Season Strategies.

March: All-Season Hunting Issue.

June: Best New Deer Gear.

A subscription is the obvious component of being a D&DH Insider. Early reports from our focus groups — D&DH fans and several members of our online Pro Staff — indicate a major drawing card will be the unlimited access to our exclusive whitetail seminars. As a D&DH Insider, you can download seven seminars in their entirety. Listen to them as many times as you wish in the privacy of your home. Or, invite your hunting buddies over and share your favorite segments. The pre-recorded seminars, valued at $9.99 each, feature more than seven hours worth of tips, tactics and strategies to help make you a better deer hunter and land manager.

Topics include:

1. “Advanced Trail-Camera Tactics” with Publisher Brad Rucks.

2. “Hunting Whitetails by the Moon” with Contributing Editor Charles Alsheimer.

3. “Predicting the Whitetail Rut” with Charles Alsheimer.

4. “Advanced Food Plot Management” with whitetail nutrition specialist and D&DH Field Editor Matt Harper.

5. “Finding Mature Bucks on Public Property” presented by Managing Editor Jacob Edson.

I am honored to host the other two seminars, which cover:

6. “Proven Tactics for Hunting Pressured Deer,” and

7. “How to Identify, Hunt and Kill the Biggest Buck on Your Property.”

Each seminar includes easy-to-follow course outlines and question-and-answer segments. This is only the tip of the cedar swamp, so to speak. As we move forward, D&DH Insiders will be included in other special offers and privileges.

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