Innovative Higher-performance Broadhead Brand Unveiled

SEVR™ is a new direct-to-consumer brand offering a premium, more-accurate, non-deflecting, deeper penetrating and bigger cutting rear-deploy broadhead. SEVR’s Titanium 2.1” broadhead features a billet-machined ferrule and surgical steel blades that are fully contained in the ferrule, providing field-point accuracy and while retaining factory sharpness. SEVR broadheads feature a patented lock-and-pivot rear-deployment, non-barbed blade design that locks open on impact. The blades then pivot as needed to keep arrows driving straight through game even on steep quartering shots or impacts with bone. This pivoting feature provides superior quartering-shot performance and increased penetration versus standard rear-deploy non-pivoting broadheads. Additionally, SEVR’s blade effect stretches the hide while cutting for a larger-than-blade entry and exit wound diameter. The result is bigger blood trails and easier recovery.

For hunting practice, SEVR’s exclusive patented Practice-Lock™ practice-mode feature locks the blades into the ferrule and allows archers to practice with the broadhead to maximize hunter confidence without dulling blades. SEVR broadheads are suitable for all types of big game and are for use with bows or crossbows. The SEVR Titanium 2.1” Broadhead is the most accurate big cut broadhead ever made and is made from 100% Grade 5 Titanium ferrules. SEVR broadheads are available only online and in any custom quantity configuration from SEVR’s online Web Site

SEVR Broadheads

SEVR Features:

  • Lock and Pivot Blades – SEVR’s Patented Lock and Pivot blades lock open on impact then pivots around bones. This eliminates deflections common with other broadhead designs and allows steeper quartering shots and maximum penetration.
  • Practice Lock Practice Mode – SEVR’s patented practice-mode feature locks blades into ferrule for practice. Allows practicing with actual hunting heads to confirm point-of-impact for maximize confidence, while keeping blades sharp for hunting use.
  • 2.1”+ StretchCut Blades – Upon impact, SEVR’s StretchCut blades stretch the hide, then cut. The results are much larger entry and exit holes than the actual measured blade cutting diameter, for massive blood trails and optimum terminal performance.
  • Titanium Ferrule – SEVR’s Titanium ferrules are produced from a single billet of 100% Grade 5 Titanium with a precision-ground, bone-splitting tip. Titanium provides a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel for extreme durability, increased penetration, and bone-crushing performance.
  • Stay Sharp Blade Containment – SEVR’s blades are fully contained in the ferrule to maintain sharpness while providing true field point accuracy in flight.
  • Sold in any quantity you want – No longer are you forced to buy in 3-packs, when you know best exactly how many you need. SEVR broadheads come custom-quantity configured to order.
  • Crossbow Rated – SEVR is designed to perform with the fastest crossbows and will always remain closed in flight
  • Available in 100-grain 8-32 or 100-grain Deep Six