New Mathews Zebra Trophy Strings Coming in 2014

Mathews Zebra Trophy Strings

The new Trophy Strings and Cable sets are coming from Mathews in 2014.

Available in 34 colors, and with the ability to change the change out the string, cable and serving wrap colors individually, the new Mathews strings are their best ever, and will look great on your bow. Here’s what Mathews had to say:

Mathews 2014 Zebra Trophy Strings

The latest in bowstring technology, Zebra Trophy is built with the new, proprietary Trophy Process which leverages over 20 years of experience building and testing strings for the world’s top bow manufacturers & champion, professional archers. The Trophy Process is a proprietary pre-conditioning process that guarantees no serving separation and the shortest “shoot-in” time of any premium bowstring. Every Trophy bowstring and cable that leaves the Zebra® shop has been pre-stretched, measured and tested to achieve the highest level of consistency in the industry. Shooters can rest assure that the string they order will fit their bow’s unique specs and improve their performance. With over $9,000,000 in tournament wins to its name, Zebra Bowstrings have long been regarded as the most accurate bowstring in the world. So whether your trophy lies in the field or on the podium, the new Zebra® Trophy is the best premium bowstring and cable offering available. Made in the U.S.A. and available in 34 colors for virtually every bow make and model.

Mathews Zebra Trophy Strings Features

  • New Proprietary Trophy Process
  • Individually Inspected, Reaching New Levels of Consistency, Accuracy and Quality
  • Ultra Premium Blend of BCY Material
  • Pre-Conditioned to Eliminate Peep Rotation and Serving Separation
  • Available in the Exact Specifications for Virtually Any Bow Make and Model

Ask your local dealer when they’ll be getting these strings in stock. Most should be receiving them in early 2014. Mathews also unveiled a new quiver.

Learn about the Mathews ArrowWeb CT Series Quivers here.

Download this PDF to your computer or tablet today.

Download this PDF to your computer or tablet today.

Need more Mathews? Now is a good time to download and read the Mathews BowHunting Whitetails Magazine. Throw this PDF on your computer or tablet and spend a few hours learning from the experts.