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Have deer hunting problems? We have solutions. Our experts share dozens of handy deer hunting tips, tricks and deer hunting tactics to enhance and improve your deer hunting experience. This critical advice will take your whitetail pursuits to the next level.

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New Deer Management Show: Grow ’em Big With Steve Bartylla

EPISODE 1. Whether you hunt 20 acres or 2,000, you can better manage that land for trophy whitetails through the tips, tactics and cutting-edge insights included in the new online show Grow ’em Big with Steve Bartylla. If you like deer, and are looking for the best deer management tips, this deer management show is for...

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How a Rifle Sling Can Help You Kill More Deer

A rifle sling can be so much more than just an accessory for shouldering your rifle. It’s an important tool that can enhance shooting accuracy if applied correctly. Gunsite Academy shooting instructor Il Ling New schools DDH Editor Gordy Krahn on how to properly deploy a gun sling to stabilize the rifle in the kneeling position....

The author killed this buck after it followed his scent trail in the wrong direction. After a short time the buck came back in the right direction.

One 8 Can Win This Hand When Deer Find the Trail

It is a widely accepted fact, with plenty of research to back it up, that high quality protein is essential during antler growth and fawn rearing season for your deer to express their genetic potential. However, one area that is often overlooked for year-round nutrition is during the late winter and early spring. Hunters...


Best Tips to Set Up an Awesome Bowfishing Rig

With spring rolling into high gear and deer seasons over, a lot of deer hunters are shifting their thoughts to 3D competitions and bowfishing as a way to stay sharp. Both offer great opportunities for fun, great practice and helping you keep your edge. If you’ve considered bowfishing but haven’t made the leap, it’s...

Soybeans are a great source of nutrition for white-tailed deer.

Part II: Soybeans for Food Plots

See: Read Part One of this feature, published earlier this week …  By Don Higgins Soybean Seed When I started planting soybean food plots, I would simply get some seed from my farming neighbors. It was hit or miss. Some years, it worked great, and I would enjoy some excellent hunting action throughout the season....

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Soybeans for Deer Food Plots

Nothing beats soybeans for deer food plots when it comes to nutrition, tonnage and attraction. by Don Higgins I smiled when I saw the small group of deer headed for the plot of standing corn. I had been debating my friend Todd Hewing about what was the best late-season food-plot crop for whitetails. Todd...