$5,000 Reward Offered for Return of Stolen Mount

fall of 2003 was 16-year old Brian Andrews first year to go bow-hunting. The only
problem was he didn’t own a bow. Not to let that stop him, Brian borrowed some outdated
archery gear from his sister’s boyfriend and started practicing.


4:30 pm on November 13th, after numerous unsuccessful hunts, Brian arrowed a 26-point
Buchanan County, Iowa record breaking whitetail. The enormous buck B&C net scored
253-1/8 making it the new non-typical state record and the world’s No. 2 bow-taken
whitetail that year.

8:00 and 10:00 pm on Thursday, June 18, 2004 Brian’s buck was stolen from the Andrews

Almost 4 years later Brian’s trophy of a lifetime still has not
been found and no arrests have been made. To this day, Brian still can’t understand
why someone would want to steal the buck he shot and was so important to him. “It’s
a once-in-a-lifetime deer and irreplaceable,” Andrews said.

Outdoor writer Les Davenport, who has been investigating the theft of the Brian Andrews
Buck along with several other ongoing thefts of Iowa trophy whitetails, contacted
Bass Pro Shops to see if they would be interested in putting up a reward to help Brian
get his deer back. “Bass Pro Shops listened to my story about this young man’s deer
and without much hesitation agreed to offer a $5,000 Bass Pro Shops gift card to anyone
with information leading to the return of Brian’s buck and the arrest and conviction
of the person or persons who stole it,” stated Davenport. “Bass Pro Shops is also
going to outfit Brian for this year’s bow season.”

The Andrews family and the Buchanan Wildlife Association are also offering a $5,000
cash reward for the same results.

“It is our hope that by doing this, someone will come forward
with information that will finally get Brian’s buck back where it belongs”, commented
Bass Pro Shops Communications Manager Larry Whiteley. “Maybe with Les bringing attention
to all the other stolen Iowa bucks too, it will help get some of these other magnificent
animals back to their rightful owners.”

Other thefts of Iowa trophy whitetails in 2003 included the Deaton buck with a 198
1/8-inch mainframe from the Columbus Junction area, and Jack Bell’s 235 7/8-inch non-typical.
In September 2005, eight whitetail mounts were stolen from the cabin of Leroy Brinks
near La Porte City. More recent robberies include a 192-inch non-typical stolen from
Jim Nagle of Evansdale and in March of this year Jamie Aikey of Waterloo had a 16-point
non-typical stolen from his business. Aikey, Deaton, and Bell are all offering a $5,000
cash reward for the return of their trophies and the arrest and conviction of those

If you have any information or knowledge of the whereabouts
of Brian’s buck contact the Buchanan County Sheriffs Department in Independence, Iowa
at 319-334-2567. If you have information on any other stolen Iowa whitetail mounts,
please contact the Iowa State Police at 515-725-6090.

One thought on “$5,000 Reward Offered for Return of Stolen Mount

  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    These mounts, and any deer taken, are stolen for the antlers. It doesn’t matter to the dirty thief that is doing the stealing, they just see the dollar signs attached to those antlers. (Just as in a previous story in this newsletter, the pair of shed antlers that went for $19k?) This makes me ill, that’s why states that ban the sale of antlers get my vote. If there wasn’t such a ‘bountiful reward’ for the sheds and skull caps, this wouldn’t happen, at least not as often.
    Our family has had a similar experience back in 2003, my Father had a record deer stolen right from our camp site. The deer’s corpse was found less than 3 miles away, but the skull cap had been taken. They left the whole deer to rot; it was a total waste and ruined the remainder of our hunting season but these people don’t care; they have no sense of values, and they are terrible people. While the mount or the deer is irreplaceable to the one who harvested it, the rotten jerk (I’d very much like to use stronger language to describe these losers, but feel that it’s not appropriate here) that steals it puts no work toward the scouting, hunting, or harvesting of the animal. They’re all dirty crooks with no sense of right or wrong, period. I hate these people and hope that they’re brought to justice. I just hope that they don’t have children that they’re passing these types of ‘values’ on to.
    Posted by: Kate

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