Gigantic 204-inch Buck Could Be New State Record

When December rolls around in Louisiana a couple of things are on most folks’ minds in the Pelican State: duck hunting, cool weather for deer hunting, the upcoming Mardi Gras and joy or frustration depending on the LSU Bengal Tigers’ football season.

Alex LeBlanc of Louisiana with his possible state record 204-inch buck.

Alex LeBlanc of Louisiana with his possible state record 204-inch buck.

So with temperatures in an unseasonably warm range on Dec. 20, Alex LeBlanc was catching grief from his buddies about going to the deer stand. He figured he had a better chance of seeing a deer from a stand than not going at all, so he loaded up and climbed in a box blind overlooking a planted shooting lane.

Less than 90 minutes after getting in the blind, he was calling relatives and texting his buddies about what may very well be the Louisiana state record. LeBlanc’s giant buck rough scored at just more than 204 inches, with 16 scorable points including a droptine.

LeBlanc was relaxing in the stand with his boots off due to the warm temperatures when he saw the buck standing in the planted patch. He scrambled to get his .270 and try to take a relaxed shot.

“I said, ‘Oh, my goodness,’” LeBlanc told Louisiana Sportsman magazine in this story. “I didn’t think he was as big as he was; I just knew he was a big deer.”

After calling relatives to come help, they found the massive buck about 50 yards from where LeBlanc shot it. Needless to say, they were astounded at the size. It weighed 225 pounds, had 6.5-inch bases and also was missing a drop tine that could have added more to the score. Yikes!

Louisiana’s current typical record is 184 6/8 inches, which has stood since 1943. Seventy years!

And now, between LeBlanc’s deer and another possible record shot in Louisiana this season, two bucks are vying for the record that has stood for seven decades. The other buck shot this season has rough scored at 210 inches.

Check out the full story about LeBlanc’s buck in Louisiana Sportsman.