Low Class Poachers Stealing From Disabled Youth Hunters

Poaching a deer is one thing, but when your lowdown thievin’ actions impact kids looking forward to a big hunting weekend then it jacks things up to another level.

A Kansas landowner who planned to host a hunt for disabled youngsters was dismayed to find a poached trophy buck on his property. He told Michael Pearce of the Wichita Eagle in this report that it’s the fourth deer he’s found in the last year that’s been poached on his property.

Moreso, that property is managed for an annual Life Hunt program for children with life-threatening illnesses. So these low-life poachers are stealing from kids who may be dying and want to enjoy a deer hunting trip with family or friends. The latest trophy buck had only its penis removed from the body. He’s found other bucks with the head and antlers cut off but nothing else removed.

Needless to say, this latest poaching incident is creepy.

“That buck deserved a better end than that,” Tim Schaller, of Larned, said. “We could have given it a better end if one of our kids had gotten to shoot it.”