PETA Member Who Also Hunts Thanks D&DH

I have found D&DH to be my greatest resource in my new journey
into hunting. As I mentioned earlier, I am getting into hunting for a more pure purpose,
and I think
D&DH takes a similar approach. The emphasis seems to be more
on science, documented studies on deer and their behavior, ethics, etc. and much less
about photo galleries and isolated hunting stories for the sake of telling the story.
Nothing wrong with showing off the great trophy bucks, but what I am more interested
in is information and knowledge, and that’s what I am finding with

New member mrbiggkid recently posted those words on the forum. What makes them exceptional
is that mrbiggkid is also a member of the anti-hunting organization PETA (People for
the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

As D&DH has argued for decades, there is nothing unethical about hunting.
After studying hunting, mrbiggkid came to the same conclusion. He details that
process in another post. (Read the original posts here.)

By mrbiggkid:

I am new to hunting. I am pretty much a die hard liberal, but one who
relates very well to what Humberto is saying.

After much thought, I actually came to the conclusion that if I am going to do
what a sensible carnivorous liberal should do, in order to be more correct in my affect
in the environment, especially towards animals, I should start hunting.

I went the vegetarian route. I originally did it as an attempt to just try it
out as a diet. It wasn’t so bad, but I do like my meats. It’s just a simpler way to
get complete proteins, and it’s tasty. However, I stayed a vegetarian once I got more
educated on factory farming, and their mistreatment of animals. However, as Humberto
said, we aren’t just contributing to the factory farms and their mistreatment of animals
through eating them. So much of our household items are made from animal by-products
(soap, shampoo, make-up, damn near everything). Even the vegetarian couldn’t put up
a good argument with Humberto. The only person who would be able to argue would be
the true vegan, as they use no foods, nor household products that contain animal products
or by-products. However, it was always in my opinion that the vegan, even though entitled
to their own opinion, is asking too much of humanity to give up the use of all animal
products. Sure we can live without using animal products, but the thing is should
we have to? Is it unethical to use animals? The vegan could walk to work everyday,
but I’m guessing any vegan that works more than an hour walk to work is probably taking
a vehicle that is putting nasty emissions into the earth’s atmosphere…So, most of
us do make honest attempts to take care of our environment, but each one of us is
also doing things to break down the environment.

So, as a liberal, I decided that I still want to eat meat, while not supporting
factory farms. So, I decided to go organic/free range on all animal products that
I consume. Then I got to thinking about whether or not I can really trust that the
animals are being treated well, and not altered in their diets or through any other
means. So, it became apparent to me, that if I want to be certain that the animals
I am consuming are not tampered with or tormented, then I should turn to nature. I
should take responsibility for the animals I consume. So, you are probably reading
a post by the world’s first hunter that is a member of PETA.

You won’t see me kill an animal for a trophy, although I will keep the racks of
a monster buck if I get one while hunting for sustenance. You won’t see any pictures
of me holding the recently harvested deer’s head up for a picture. You won’t see me
on youtube laughing my ass off and high-fiving my buddy due to the fact that I killed
a deer. That’s just me, even though I have taken the animal’s life, I want to treat
it with the upmost respect.

Mostly likely, like my intended target, you won’t see me at all, but I do exist.

I will be out hunting, not so much for the sport of it, but for sustenance. If
I do not hunt successfully, then it is fruits and veggies for me.

All of us liberals aren’t smug people who like to look down on others. It’s just
that most of us have good intentions, but find comfort in letting someone else do
the dirty work in this area. It’s so easy to eat a steak that you have never made
eye contact with and point the finger at the guy who killed it.

I’m hoping I can maybe help educate the liberals out there to the fact that taking
responsibility for your food is the ethical way. I know that the animals I take have
lived full, healthy, and natural lives. No more chickens that have been pumped full
of steroids, taunted, abused, kept in the coop stacked on other chickens, never seeing
the light of day. For the carnivorous liberal, hunting is the best way to show your
reverance for animals. So long as the animal is given the respect it deserves.