Quality Time

Its the weekend before rifle season here in Northwest Missouri and the pre-rut has begun. I have had a handful of encounters with some of my hit list bucks but just can’t seem to punch their ticket. It seems like every time i get close something out of my control goes wrong. But that is why its called hunting! With that being said I decided to take my girls with me into the woods for some quality time! So we got our camo on and headed to the Primos ground blind. I also deployed “Tad” the decoy in hopes to take attention from the noise and movement from my two little girls. We got all comfy and ready to rock about 3:00. The next 2 hours were very interesting to say the least! Both Sydney, who is a 1st grader and Savanna’ who is in kindergarten had to take bathroom breaks and of course at separate times! They finally Talked me into letting them call a deer in at about 5:00. At this point, between the bathroom breaks and the “deer calling” that sounded more like a tuba being beaten with drum sticks, I was pretty sure we were not gonna see a thing, but wouldn’t you know five minutes later we had a field full of does! So about ten minutes later one of them found its way directly in front of the blind (approximately 5 yards!) and I smoked her as my daughters said. So all and all it was a great hunt, one of my favorite to date. My dad used to always take me along and this was the first time I was able to take my children. Hopefully they are hooked just like I was the very first time my father took me! Until next time, bend it and send it!