Choose Your Weapon

When my husband Brett and I met in the spring of 2001, I was not a deer hunter. But since he was as an active hunter since childhood, when his father introduced him to the deerwoods, it was bound to rub off on me. 

Being the oldest and only girl of three children, my father and mother introduced me to sports when I was very young, and I played them through my early thirties.

But when Brett and I met, I had no idea how much my life was about to change. By fall of that first year, he introduced me to hunting.

I didn’t know what to do nor what to expect but Brett was patient with me and explained what we were doing and what I was to look for — I was especially surprised that we had to sit so quietly to get close to deer.

During that initial weekend of hunting we didn’t kill a deer, but I found it to be exciting and interesting. I continued accompanying him on scouting trips.

The following spring, he bought me my first rifle, a Winchester 243. I had never in my life fired any kind of gun and was quite nervous. But I quickly became a great shooter in no time and we were both surprised how soon I picked it up.

By fall, I was ready to hunt and Brett took me on my first rifle hunt; to say that hunt was exciting would be an understatement. On Thanksgiving evening I shot my first doe at 90 yards — what a rush! Well, that was it, I was officially hooked on deer hunting and as they say the rest is history.

During the past several years I’ve learned to hunt with a bow, muzzleloader, shotgun and rifle; and, I now hunt by myself.

Who would have thought I would be doing this? Certainly not I. 

I’ve now killed several does, bucks, turkeys, doves and one big 6 x 6 bull elk. I look forward to hunting seasons every year and gear up for the challenges that await me.

Naturally, I’m thankful for my husband, Brett, who introduced me to the hunting lifestyle. It excites him to see me get excited about it. Some husbands don’t like taking their wives because it’s their time to hunt and be with their buddies or just spend time alone doing what they enjoy.

Not Brett — he looks forward to hunting with me and spending time with me in the outdoors. Every season I now learn more positive tactics or learn about the mistakes I made and what I should have done differently.

As he often says, “You add a new chapter to your hunting diary every time you head into the outdoors, whether hunting or scouting.”

This is so true whether it’s a mistake that haunts you in your mind the rest of the season or when everything goes right and you harvest your quarry.

That’s not all I’ve learned: I also strive to be an ethical and conscientious hunter, too, and to have lots of patience.

We both enjoy spending time together hunting and exchanging stories after each morning and evening hunt and comparing notes. Deer hunting has strengthened our relationship.

The number of women hunters are rising each year due to their wanting to know, learn and enjoy the outdoors with their spouse, boyfriend or other family members.

Hunting has become a positive, eye-opening experience for me that I will never forget. I am very fortunate that my husband has introduced me to deer hunting, so that we can enjoy the outdoors together.

As of today’s date, my deer hunting season is complete: I’ve taken a doe with my bow, a seven point buck with my muzzleloader and a ten-point buck with my rifle.

Whether choosing a bow, rifle or other weapon, the most important decision I’ve made is choosing hunting. I guess that means I picked the right husband, too.

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