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My first buck

Wel im Nick Nobile. Im 16 years old. i shot it this year opening day. i didnt get it scored yet its currently at a taxidermist. I shot it with a Winchester 1871 348 with open sights probaly around a 60 yard shot through the woods. tell me what ya think...

3 Beam Buck

Since that was a story in the Blog today. I thought y'all might like to see this one.

Not a trail cam photo, but actually taken by a lady in her back yard not far from my hunting grounds. I have yet to see him though.

Name: Tom

Blue Eyed Deer

I started hunting with my husband three years ago. I didn't get a deer the first year, last year I got 2 does and a small fork. This year has been really tough, it has been warm and windy a lot and very little snow. I went out Sat. after Thanksgiving...

Monster in Southern Wisconsin

This is a pic of a big whitetail in southern Wisconsin. My brother had this buck last bow season at 12yds, and could not get a shot. I hope he made it through the gun season. We have only had this one pic of him.

Name: Kurt Kunz
City: Birchwood

Big Ten

This buck was a big 11 pointer last year. Had hum at 25 yards this archery season and could not get a shot.

State: PA

Bow-Hunting From a Woman’s View

Bow Hunting from a Woman’s View
By: Debbie Derck

The most important part of hunting is Safety! Always “Plan your Hunt and Hunt your Plan”. Let someone know the plan, so if you need help they will know where to go,...


What do you think this will score?

Name: Jimmy Frauten
City: Surry
State: North Carolina