When Do Whitetail Fawns Drop?

Have you started seeing any whitetail fawns yet on your property or is it time yet for you to start seeing them? Veteran researcher and hunter Charles Alsheimer says the gestation period for white-tailed deer is 195 to 200 days. The actual birth date for fawns may vary slightly in most of the United...

Hawaii has axis deer on some of its islands, which is creating problems.

Maui Wowie! Possession is Illegal in Hawaii

We’re unsure if Sen. Gilbert Kahele is a friend of Hawaii’s hunters, but it’s dang sure clear he’s no friend of the axis deer that apparently have been moved to and released on the state’s “Big Island.” By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor Kahele is one of the strongest opponents of the exotic deer that...

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The Complete Guide to Mineral Sites Online Course

Do you know the difference between a mineral lick and a mineral supplement? Or what five minerals are the most important for herd health? D&DH Field Editor Matt Harper has the answers to these questions and more in “The Complete Guide to Mineral Sites.” This Online Course is perfect for those interested in short-...