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Drop Everything and Celebrate!

I realize some folks are too young to remember the days when we didn’t have trail cameras. Yep, that was even before cell phones. Sigh. It’s amazing how any of us survived back then, much less had a clue as to what types of deer we had roaming our hunting properties at any given time.

Cory Johnson’s text about tagging out on Crabby was, and still is, worthy of celebration!

Well, the advancement of scouting cameras these past few years has taken buck hunting to new levels, and provides us hunters with in-depth insights into deer behavior. Case in point: A 10-point buck that showed up on our trail cameras here in central Wisconsin this summer.

I first learned of this buck’s existence in early July and immediately named him “Crabby” because of the way his G-4 tines formed crab-like forks. (By the way, I typically hate naming deer, but on this property it’s necessary because there are so many deer of the same antler configurations — big 8-pointers,10-pointers, etc.)

The landowner and my good friend, Cory Johnson, and I immediately placed this buck on the hit list. This deer — easily in the mid-130s for gross score — is upper end for the 80 acres we hunt. We watched this deer develop all summer. Neither of us had seen hide nor hair of him the past two weeks leading up to our bowhunting season opener.

We had been tag-teaming the best stand locations the first three days, and neither one of us had a close encounter with a deer older than yearling. That changed yesterday afternoon when Cory headed to the woods solo. I couldn’t join him due to an appointment in town, but I did offer my buddy some advice: Hunt the spot he had spent so much time preparing earlier this year.

I was just about to sit down to a heaping bowl of my wife’s famous venison chili when my phone pinged. Five simple words changed the course of this evening:

“Tagged out. Crabby is dead.”

These are the kinds of moments that will forever be etched in our minds. Hey, it’s deer camp 24/7, 365 in our house. It was time to put everything on hold and join in the celebration.

Crabby made appearances on trail cameras during the summer but the first few days of Wisconsin’s season was a no-show.

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