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The Time Craig Morgan Showed Up For Deer Camp

It was November 2010 when I had a brush with country music fame that I’ll never forget. And to think it came at deer camp.

Craig Morgan

I was hunting with my friends from Hunters Specialties at Todd Rodgers deer camp in Oklahoma. We had all just arrived in camp and were unpacking our gear in anticipation of an action-packed week. I was running behind and was in the camp house by myself trying to determine if, indeed, I had everything I needed before heading out to the gun range to sight in my T/C Impact rifle. That’s when I encountered a camo-clad hunter in the kitchen. He was all dressed to go hunting that afternoon — down to a few smears of face paint on his cheeks, chin and forehead.

“Hi, I’m Dan,” I said, extending my hand. He nearly crushed my hand with an enthusiastic shake.

“Hi! I’m Craig!”

We stood there and talked for a few minutes. He explained how he had been in camp for a few days already and was closing in on what would hopefully be a successful end to his week-long hunt. I wished him luck, and he thanked me and then scooted out of the house to meet up with his guide. Fast forward to that evening. Everyone was settled in and ready for the morning’s hunt. It would be our group’s first sit of the week. Everyone was bright-eyed and buzzing at the prospects of what was in store.

We had just finished eating an incredible dinner when Rodgers announced to the group: “Listen up, guys. Craig brought his guitar with him, so if y’all want to head to the living room, he’s going to play a few songs.”

Minutes ticked by as this Craig guy that I had met earlier this afternoon pulls up a chair and starts tuning his guitar. A weird sense came over me as a bunch of people started filing into the room. They weren’t hunters in camp. One was a cop. Several were young girls. Others were women. Everyone had their cell phones out.

I really thought this was bizarre, but seeing that I had just learned how to use my new Wildgame Action cam, I started recording just as this Craig guy started playing.

If you look closely in this video, you will see my D&DH teammate Gordy Krahn standing in the back pretending not to record the moment. This was back in the day when Gordy was Editor-in-Chief at the North American Hunting Club.

So, in any event, as this Craig guy starts playing, then singing, I turn to the guy seated on the couch next to me and say, “Wow, he sounds just like the guy on the radio.”

You can only guess his reply.

“You idiot, that IS the guy on the radio.”

And with that, I became a fan of at least some country music.

Especially the music of Craig Morgan.