In The Stand With:

We’ve invited some of our favorite deer hunters to join us in our blogs and share their amazing hunting experiences with you.

Charles Alsheimer

Charles Alsheimer: Why I Do It

Thirty-seven years ago I set out on a journey that even I could not comprehend. My story truly is a blessing scripted from above. In the spring of 1979 my wife and I had to make a decision. Was I going to remain in the corporate sales and marketing profession, or would I move...

When deer season ends, don't despair. Get into the woods to scout and use your game cameras for surveying does and bucks to see what survived the season.

Best Tips for Trail Cameras: Time to See What Survived the Season

The inevitable time is here, the end of deer season. It always seems to end as fast as it started. It’s hard to think that only 100 days ago we were fighting the “October lull” and waiting for the rut to break loose. But since then food sources have become scarce, many gun seasons...

Twins First Deer

Twins’ First Buck Memorable in More Ways Than One

For years, my twin boys have hunted with me. First they went to watch, then later they went to join in the hunt. Most of their deer hunts have been tests of patience, as Tennessee deer hunting can at times be more bird watching and squirrel barking than hunting and shooting. While they had...

Drew Musso of Alabama with his South Dakota buck

Surprise Buck Turns Out to be Young Hunter’s Big One

I first met Drew Musso a few years ago here in Alabama on a dove hunt, and he recently emailed with a tale about his big deer hunting trip last season. Drew was a crack shot in the dove field and a fine young man, and there’s no doubt his shooting skills haven’t diminished...