Monstrous Ohio Buck Known as Bosa Killed by Vehicle

Bosa Buck deadPhotos making the rounds of social media are delivering some terrible news to deer hunters and others who love seeing giant bucks.

A monstrous Ohio buck known as “Bosa” pushing 180 B&C or more has been watched, photographed and videoed for several years. He was hit and killed by a vehicle the last week of August. He was named for the former Ohio State University defensive standout.

Mike Johnson, posting on in July, found the buck this summer while doing some photography. Here’s what he posted:

Went out for a sit in the camera blind tonight & Bosa showed up! He’s even bigger, trash points are bigger, his G3 on his left side is way bigger/don’t even think he had one last year! I won 1st Place/Best of Show for his right side shed at the Field & Stream Ohio Deer Expo back in March, it measured 88 & 3/8″ of hard bone and it’s way bigger now! Here’s pictures & just a taste of the video I got tonight!

An incredible buck, for sure, and there’s no arguing that point. Mass, age and character.

Here’s a video Johnson shot of the buck in 2015 and 2016. Simply amazing!


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