Birthday Hunt

Well my annual hunt on my birthday was a success, but did not kill a buck.  I had decided since it would be a southeast wind, I would go to an old honey hole that my family has hunted for years.  The treestands sit only in a little half acre chunk of timber, but borders a deer haven.  Our treestands sit in a transition area from a large timber to a cut corn field.  There is also a clover field that borders this corn field.  I had high hopes for this spot and the wind was perfect.  At the end of the night I eventually had eleven does standing around.  I was thinking in the back of my mind the whole time, “When is a big buck gonna come out?”  It seemed perfect, but did not work out.  Overall, it was still a fun hunt seeing a bunch of deer.

After the hunt I was excited to get home.  I had a trail camera next to my treestands for about a month.  I had a ton of deer pictures, including a big bodied brute of a buck.  He came three days before I had checked the camera at last shooting light.  Even though I didnt’ see the big buck I have high hopes for this spot in the days to come.

Austin Brandhof