Hey guys just wanted to give you a quick update.  The weather is starting to cooperate for the late season hunts we are finally down to low teens in the early mornings.  The temps will hopefully get the deer up and on there feet for longer periods of time in the mornings and evenings.  Giving us Workin’ Class guys a chance to capitalize on the late season hunts. We have 1 more week of archery before the orange army comes out for the late black-powder season.  I hope this weekend to get some free time to get into the woods and try to arrow a late season buck with my ELITE.

This weekend is extra busy for me as I referee high-school basketball for the state of Missouri in my free time.  This week I am working 3 nights add that to the 1 night of call I have to work at the hospital it don’t leave me a lot of hunting time.  Hopefully this weekend it will pay off for me.  The cameras have been slow lately but with the cold temps that should change.

Good luck to all the hunters out there.


Dave Fast

Workin’ Class Whitetails

One thought on “BUSY SEASON

  1. westwisfox

    Dear Dave,

    I share your passion of muzzldr hunting for deer. I’ve been lucky to capitalize on a few remaining sanctuaries that harbor some dandies after the hvy gun hunting pressure around here.

    Please reply to my question here: Do you see much deer movement during cold, 25 degrees or less, mornings? I just don’t see many deer moving in the am period after gun season opens here around mid nov. I’ve tried cold mornings, mild mornings, and others and still little action. Bear in mind these are locations that I saw numerous am sightings a few weeks before in the bow season. And I have many stands, mostly near bedding areas on land that gets relatively little gun hunting pressure, so I rotate stands and don’t burn em out.

    Please reply re. your success on seeing deer on cold dec. mornings. ( perhaps I can reply later re. the challenges of PM hunting in dec. in wis.)



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