Well we are still in the first week of the Missouri Rifle season.  So far this year I’ve heard the same thing from everyone…”where are the deer at?”  It’s been pretty slow on the farms that I have been hunting but sooner or later it is bound to change.  Last night I climbed into the stand before 3…and not long after had a small spike cruise through looking for love.  The hunt was overall a good one as I was able to eye 4 bucks cruising.  None of these bucks was over 3 years old but they were out on the prowl.  My cameraman and I were able to see 15 total deer last night…and I’m hoping that tonight is no different.

A buck I had pictures of earlier this summer made an appearance behind my stand on Friday night before the rifle season opened up.  He actually walked 30 yards behind my stand…the sad thing with bow in hand I wasn’t sitting in that stand that night and just had to watch him walk by and make a rub as I lay in the backside of a terrace waiting on the deer to come out where I had glassed them the night before.  The buck was just a main frame 8 with mass to his tips and tall tines.  I’m hoping he comes back again as he is a stud of a buck now.  The quest for a mature Missouri whitetail continues tonight.