Top of the list!

Throughout the warm months of summer, I ambitiously set cameras in hopes of capturing pictures of giant whitetails! I check each camera every two weeks. At the same time I continuously bait each site with Extreme Solution’s “Big Buck” mineral; the deer absolutely love it and it helps gather more images on my camera! While scouting mid-summer this year, I crossed paths with a giant 160″ whitetail. At the time he was only an 8 pointer, but as you can see in the pictures, he grew to be a 10, and even added some stickers. I knew this deer was a mature specimen no doubt! I gained access to a neighboring property from where I saw the buck in velvet, set cameras, and as you can see, finally captured pictures of this Missouri giant! The week before season, the farmer decided to cut the alfalfa this bruiser was feeding in, and as you could guess, the deer vanished from this food source! Since, the alfalfa has sprouted back up, and with a few soft rains, gained its rich green leaves again! Last night I took the family for a ride to see how harvest season was coming on our hunting properties, and after the alfalfa grew back green and lush, the deer started hitting it again! I can tell you what deer I will be after Friday evening with the right wind! I’m hoping to turn this buck’s lights from dawn to dusk with my Elite Answer! Stick with me and see if I put a tag on this buck in my 2012 season!