Go Long to Set Bow’s Peep for Deer Hunting, Then Work Back

Top tips from the pro competitors and veteran hunters can help when you’re setting up a bow or have questions about strategies in the field.

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Getting the peep set properly is a major key to accuracy. (DDH Photo: Alan Clemons)

Here’s a good tip from Mathews pro Tommy Gomez about getting your peep sight situated and ready for competition or hunting.

When setting your peep sight, I recommend starting by going to the longest distance you will be shooting, regardless of the tournament or hunting situation. After setting your peep for the long-distance shot, your sight housing should be centered in the peep.

This is to prevent losing the bottom of your sight housing and sight level in the peep with long-distance shots. It also helps prevent your anchor point from moving and your shot from hitting low at longer distances.

When you have your peep height location set for long-distance shots, go to shorter distances and shoot to make sure you’re still comfortable with the peep location. If you’re satisfied with its location and rotation, finish by tying in your peep to prevent it from sliding or coming out of the string.

Call Them Into Range!
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And, you’ll also get the Lost Fawn Ma-Mah call that produces a softer and less emotional Ma-Mah sound of a fawn. Since it’s not a distress call, deer come calmly with their defenses shut down.

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