Grow ’em Big: Map Out the Best Deer Hunting Plan for Your Property

How do you maximize the benefits of your hard work putting in food plots, establishing mineral licks, and selecting the best areas for stands or ground blinds?

The best way to do that is to establish a plan based on your land, your needs and desires, and what the deer need before you start making any improvements.

GrowemBigIn Episode 3 of “Grow ’em Big” with Steve Bartylla he explains how to best map out your property for the best deer hunting opportunities for this autumn and the years to come.

Bartylla will help you understand that to make a plan you have to figure out what the deer need on your property and whether you can provide more than they have or can get on your land or the surrounding land. Then, consider your hunting opportunities as part of the plan. If you’re going to do the work then do it so you can have a low-impact, potentially high-success stand location.

Barytlla explains that deer want food, safety, cover, water, comfort and breeding possibilities. Put more of those on your land and they’re probably going to stick around more frequently.

Grow ‘em Big episodes include top-shelf information that can be applied to any land management program. Topics such as food plot creation, design and sustainability; forest management tactics for big-buck bedding areas; mineral sites that deer actually use; scent control methods that fool mature bucks; and treestand and ground blind placement for optimal hunting success will be covered in detail during every show.

Bartylla is widely considered to be one of the top private-land whitetail managers in North America. His outdoor writing credits include hundreds of bylines in magazines such as Deer & Deer Hunting, North American Whitetail, Buckmasters and Whitetail Journal. He is also a co-host for Deer & Deer Hunting TV, the No. 1 rated prime-time hunting program last fall on NBC Sports.

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