Just How Good of a Deer Tracker Are You?


It’s a simple question we sometimes ask ourselves: Just how good are we at tracking a deer after we’ve made a shot with a bow or firearm?

Some hunters are fantastic trackers. They are excited about finding the deer, but they don’t panic or get into a rush. Being thorough, taking your time even on a solid blood trail, and being aware of the surroundings all play a role in effective tracking.

But knowing what you’re looking at with blood and hair also is a key factor. Is the blood red or pink? Is the hair brown or white? Take a look at this great chart, and the one below, for tips on being a better tracker and hunter.


Make Sure You Know Where Your Shot Hit

where to shoot a deerFrom Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, the D&DH’s Shot Placement Poster is an invaluable resource for home or deer camp. It outlines shot placement as well as offers tracking spore identification tips to help you recover your deer.

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