Late-Season Tip: Hunt Food Sources

With quality food sources dwindling, the few remaining prime food sources can really attract deer during winter. These spots can let you take advantage of a buck’s shift to winter survival mode and desire to take advantage of breeding opportunities.

By Steve Bartylla

Most late-season hunters realize that a blast of nasty weather gives Mr. Big incentive to get to a food source early. Nasty weather requires an increase in calories to maintain body heat, and late afternoon is comparatively warmer than the colder late night and pre-dawn. Feeding during late afternoon lets Mr. Big conserve heat and energy by bedding during colder time periods.

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Meanwhile, where do does and fawns concentrate during the last hour or two of shooting light? Most often, at a food source. That makes food sources the best spots to find breeding opportunities during that time of day.

Because they facilitate winter survival mode and provide breeding opportunities, prime food sources are fantastic locations for meeting Mr. Big.

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