Corn is King in Coastal Plain

A highlight from the September issue of D&DH, which will hit newsstands in
about a month:

Field Editor Bob Zaiglin reports on the latest findings from the Southeast Deer Study
Group. Among them is a recently completed study by Charles Ruth, Deer Project Leader
in South Carolina.

Among his findings, Ruth and his associates studied how supplemental feeds are used
throughout private lands in the Southeast. They learned that corn was distributed
on 94 percent of the properties with an average of 18 locations per property, 7½ months
per year. An average of 34,600 pounds of corn was distributed per property equating
to 1,200 pounds of corn per deer harvested. At a price of $4.50 per bushel, this represents
a cost of $94.50 per deer harvested. Extrapolating survey results to the region yields
80,000 bait stations and 2.33 million bushels of feed at a cost of $10.4 million.

Baiting and feeding deer is as big a business as it is controversial!

Be sure to read Bob’s full report in the September issue.

Dan Schmidt, Editor