Want Bigger Bucks on Your Property?

photo courtesy of Kent Kammermeyer

by Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

Silly question, because we all do, right? The trickier question is how do we go about
obtaining those results?

Well, obtaining solid leads to answering those questions is included in a new book
just released by two of the brightest minds in deer management: Kent Kammermeyer and
Reggie Thackston. I will honestly admit that it takes a lot for a new book on deer
and/or deer hunting to excite me these days. It seems that many of them are all sizzle
and no steak. This one is just the opposite: Lots of meat. Stuff you can really use
to improve your own situation, whether you hunt a small parcel or a sprawling estate.

Kent and Reggie have more than 60 years of combined experience as certified wildlife
biologists, and they are considered by many of their peers to be the “fathers” of
the modern food plot practice. Kent will soon be contributing new feature articles
to Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine. Kent self-published this book earlier this
year. It is a great honor to be able to offer it here on our website.

The name of the title is “Deer & Turkey Management: Beyond Food Plots. Your Guide
to Forest Management, Oaks, Fruits, Minerals Predators & More.”

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