Battle Ticks This Summer With Intelligence, Technology

There are more ticks in more places than ever before in the United States, increasing the chances for tick encounters and the possibility of the transmission of Lyme disease.

tick---WEBHere are five key ways to keep yourself, family and employees protected throughout the tick-infested summer months:

Remove Ticks Safely
To safely remove attached ticks, first disinfect the area with an alcohol
swab. Next, using a pointy tweezer, grab the tick’s head as close to the
skin as possible and simply pull straight out. Remember to disinfect the
bite site again after pulling out the tick.

 Encourage Daily Tick Checks
The best time to do a full body tick check is right after ending outdoor activity. A more  convenient time would be as you prepare to shower or bathe before going to bed. Prompt removal of most species of ticks can prevent transmission of tick-borne pathogens. It takes more than 24 to 36 hours of attachment for nymphal deer ticks to transmit Lyme disease
bacteria, and even longer to transmit Babesia parasites.

Wear Insect Shield® Repellent Clothing
Insect Shields EPA-registered technology converts clothing and gear into
effective and convenient insect protection. The repellency is
long-lasting and appropriate for use by the entire family with no
restrictions for use. Insect Shield clothing repels mosquitoes, ticks,
ants, flies, chiggers and midges (no-see-ums).  The repellency is
built-in and lasts through 70 launderings.

Identify and Avoid Tick Habitats
Shady, wooded and weedy edges are favorite spots for ticks to hang out. Avoiding tick habitats can be difficult but there are plenty of ways — such as always walking in the middle of maintained trails and your backyard — to limit tick encounters.

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