Deer Hunters, Ready For Some Bowfishing?

Deer hunters looking for a fun workout could win some cash and prizes at the first Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Boats 2013 U.S. Open Bowfishing Championship scheduled for April 6-7 on Missouri’s famed Table Rock Lake.

This Big 20 format will start at 7 p.m. on April 6 and end at 7 a.m. the following morning.

BowfishingBowfishing is a way to help control invasive fish species that threaten game fish and their habitat. No game fish, such as bass, can be taken during this event. Fish brought in by bowfishermen usually include common carp, grass carp, bighead carp, drum, buffalo and gar, depending on the lake and species in it. These type of fish can disturb game fish beds, stir up mud which affects water clarity and are a source of competition for food.

“Bowfishing has a positive effect on sportfishing as it eliminates invasive species like carp,  which feed on the same food as popular game fish like bass and crappie,” said Chris Vitello, Chief of Fisheries for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

According to Bob Ziehmer, Director of the Missouri Department of Conservation, archery is a growing sport in Missouri and the department is committed to establishing Archery in the Schools across Missouri.

“Bowfishing allows an individual to take the skills from archery and utilize those skills on the lakes and streams of Missouri,” he said.

More than 90 boats and 300 to 400 anglers from about 25 states are expected to participate in this 100 percent payback event. Guaranteed prizes include a TRACKER 1860 Bowfishing Boat (an $18,000 retail value), a new bow, a first place cash and prize package worth $5000 and more.

Visit for more tournament information and complete rules and regulations. To pre-register visit

Registration will also be available at the tournament site between 4-6 p.m.; however; to be eligible to win the boat and bow you must be pre-registered up to 72 hours prior to the event and you must be present Sunday morning, April 7, at the weigh-in.