Destination Whitetail: A Night of Rock ‘n Roll Debauchery

Destination Whitetail

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One of the most controversial figures in hunting, Ted Nugent, will appear on Destination Whitetail on Wednesday, July 11 on The Sportsman Channel at 8:30 pm.  Destination Whitetail visited YO Ranch to spend a day with Nugent and get perspective on what a typical day in the life of the rocker is like.

Surrounding Nugent’s annual birthday bash at the YO, an iconic Texas Ranch, DW takes viewers behind the scenes with Nugent.

The third episode of eight to air on the Sportsman Channel through early August, Destination Whitetail explores the unique landscape of whitetail hunting – confirming that no two whitetail hunters are the same.  With 43 states boasting deer populations, the traditions and hunting methods associated with whitetail offer up endless lessons to both casual and avid hunters.

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