Giant City Buck Photographed


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For the past few years, a small, sleepy town in north-central Wisconsin has been haunted by a ghost — a giant buck that stalked the parking lots and roadways just inside the city limits.

As rumors of the buck grew, locals began to whisper about sightings of the buck. Now, we have photo confirmation. The giant does exist. Will he make a mistake and venture out of his sanctuary this coming weekend as an army of orange invades the Wisconsin woods? We’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “Giant City Buck Photographed

  1. CharlesB

    I can’t believe my pictures have gone Viral. I took the photo as well as 22 others (also an Iphone video) Saturday afternoon between 4:15 and 4:21PM. I used my Wife’s new Nikon camera. I took the photo’s with my Son’s Ryan and Jack, and a friend Dan (and his Son gage) If you would like the Hi-Definition (18MP) pics, please let me know.

    Good Hunting, Charles

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