Granny Kills a Wolf With An Ax!

Next time you think your Granny is a tough ol’ bird, and she may be, ask her if she’s ever killed a wolf with an ax!

That’s exactly what 56-year old Aishat Maksudova of Dagestan, a province in Russia, did last year. She heard her livestock being attacked and went to defend them. When she did, the wolf attacked her!

It sounds like something you’d see in a twisted video game, but it’s a real life story from western Russia. A woman was attacked by a wolf and only escaped after beating the animal to death with an ax.

Aishat Maksudova, a 56-year-old woman from the Russian province of Dagestan, heard the cries of a calf as she was herding animals, according to a Huffington Post story. When she went to assist the calf, the lone wolf attacked her.

“The animal bit the farmer on her arm and her leg and she fell to the ground, crying out for help from other villagers,” the Huffington Post story reports. “No one was in earshot. So she reached for an ax she had brought along to repair a fence, and with remarkable aplomb, she hit the wolf over the head several times until his teeth unclenched.”

For more on the attack, including a video report, visit the Huffington Post.