Alsheimer: Stunning Deer Photo – Mothers Get Mean When Fawns are Nearby

This blog was launched on May 30 with a photo of a fawn I photographed in our 35-acre research facility, a few hours after birth.  Though not unusual, what has taken place since then has been very interesting.

The doe has twin fawns and she keeps them in very thick cover along a stream that runs through the center of the enclosure.  Whenever any deer gets near the location the doe (which is 13 years old) quickly threatens and drives off the approaching deer.


Alsheimer deer and deer hunting

Don’t get in a doe’s way when her fawns are nearby! She might take to fighting. Here, a New York doe fights off a buck that began feeding near her newborn fawn. (photo copyright Charles J. Asheimer)

This photo shows what happened to a buck that came too close to the doe’s bedded fawns.  In spite of the buck landing a few punches the doe was able to easily drive the buck off, showing she is one tough mama.  Such protective behavior is classic during fawning season and a reason humans should be very careful when approaching any fawn.

 — Charlie


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