Top 5 Deer Hunting Gift Ideas Under $20

Searching for a great Christmas gift for the hunter in your family but don’t want to spend a bundle?

Here are five great ideas selected by Deer & Deer Hunting Editor Dan Schmidt! Every one of them is less than $20, too, so you can pick several of them for stocking stuffers, surprises, holiday parties or as a nice “thank you” for someone you know would enjoy them!



2013 Whitetail Daily Calendar – This great desk calendar has super photos and cool information about whitetail deer you can see each day! You’ll know the date along with great deer knowledge to wow your hunting buddies with at lunch or camp! GET IT HERE



Whitetail Behavior DVD – Jam-packed with great information about whitetail deer biology and how these great animals interact in the wild. Superb footage and insights will help you learn more about them for hunting season and year-round. GET IT HERE







Deer & Deer Hunting TV Season 7 DVD – Acclaimed as one of the best deer hunting television shows airing today, Deer & Deer Hunting TV provides viewers with biological and hunting information from top experts! Definitely a must for anyone interested in learning more about whitetails. GET IT HERE





D&DH Guide to Better Bowhunting If you’re a bow hunter, there’s always something you can learn to help make yourself better. It may only be a small tweak or a new idea for an overhaul, but don’t shortchange yourself. Pick up this great book to learn top secrets about bows, arrows, accessories and more.GET IT HERE




D&DH Subscription – What deer hunter wouldn’t love a subscription to a great magazine with a variety of stories, photos, tips and more? Find out about firearms, archery, tree stands, habitat, whitetail biology and other features in D&DH! GET IT HERE