Under Armour Capture Thermals Question

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Under Armour Capture Thermals Question

Postby karthur » Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:22 pm

I got the long-sleeved moc and pants for christmas and tried them out a few days ago. The air temp was around 25°f and I wore what I usually wear, but added these new thermals as my base layer. As soon as I put them on, I felt chilled. I thought that I would get used to them and they would "warm-up" so I went out with these on.
All through the day, even though I had on my "Normal" hunting clothes which normally keep me pretty comfortable, I felt like I was cold. I never shivered, but I was just didnt feel as comfortable as I though I should be with an extra layer.

They are well made and are supposed to wick away moisture and control scent. Is it normal for them to make you feel cooler? Anyone else tried this system?

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Merino Wool

Postby ShotToTheHeart » Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:11 am

well in my opinion, the problem is the materials Under Armour uses. Their base layers are made with synthetic materials. These materials are supposed to "wick moisture" but once you start sweating they get wet and the wicking cannot keep up with the amount of water they hold. Once this material gets wet it does not retain heat. Also, when it is dry, it still isn't as warm as wool. I had some under armour base layers. I gave them away. I prefer merino wool. I use KUIU merino wool, and it is the warmest highest quality stuff I have had. Merino wool still retains heat when it is wet, and it also wicks moisture. It also controls scent very well. I can wear it for a week straight in the backcountry and it controls my scent way better than any synthetic stuff does. In my experience the synthetic gear smells very bad by the end of the first day... and that doesn't cut it for me.

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Re: Under Armour Capture Thermals Question

Postby spearfisher » Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:37 pm

I hunt in south Alabama. We never even saw 25 degrees this year unless it was wind chill. I did pick up a pair of UA pants though. Cold Gear 3.0. I don't know what the difference is bw what I got and what you got but at 33 degrees with a gnarly 20 MPH wind blowing with gusts over 35 those pants kept me nice and warm. I plan to get the 3.0 top to go with it. I was well pleased with mine. They worked well 20' up a tree with the wind rocking me around. Walking long distance can be a bit toasty though.

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Re: Under Armour Capture Thermals Question

Postby Wanderer » Sat Feb 23, 2013 2:05 pm

When I first tried Under Armour cold gear out, I felt like I was backing into the cold shower curtain in the bath tub at home. Now I wear mostly silk tops and bottoms and occasionally some Hunter Specialties X Tec that I got on sale at Cabelas.

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Re: Under Armour Capture Thermals Question

Postby JPH » Sat Feb 23, 2013 2:12 pm

karthur wrote:I got the long-sleeved moc and pants for christmas and tried them out a few days ago. The air temp was around 25°f and I wore what I usually wear, but added these new thermals as my base layer.

UA comes in multiple blends and weights, all designed for different conditions. Some are made to cool an athlete in hot conditions and some are made to insulate in varying degrees of cold. I own sets of 3.0 and 4.0 "cold gear". I hunt in Iowa and North Missouri. I have found them to be highly effective in cold conditions. What type of UA were you wearing?

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Re: Under Armour Capture Thermals Question

Postby HuntingFool94 » Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:08 pm

I agree with shottotheheart - merino wool is the best material to use - I have purchased synthetics including the new reflective technology (I buy and try most everything to keep me warm as I hunt in Northern IL and it can be bitter in late December and early January) while I like the synthetics and the reflective gear is great, I find after a good day of hunting that it needs to be washed and most times a washer is not available when I hunt - I would rather purchase one pair of heavy and light merino wool than several pairs of synthetic. I was on a 2 week hunt last year with just 2 pairs of tops and bottoms - no problems with scent when switching and airing em out every day.I buy from KUIU and First Lite - both make quality Merino wool gear - I also recommend merino wool glove liners and socks - it has to be zero or colder for the temp to bother me much while hunting when wearing the merino wool gear.
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