2009- 10 Proposed Kentucky Seasons

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2009- 10 Proposed Kentucky Seasons

Postby shaman » Tue Mar 03, 2009 5:25 am

2009-10  Proposed Kentucky Seasons[/url]

These are the proposed dates-- they won't be final until July, but they hardly ever change.

No big surprises.  Modern Gun starts 11/14.  No big changes in Archery, Crossbow, ML, or the Yute hunts.


I picked up my handy copy of the 2009  D&DH Whitetail Calendar with the Lunar Rut Forecast and my guess is this is going to be a banner year for the bow hunters and a so-so year for the rifle hunters.   The peak of the Chase Phase is on that last weekend before rifle season starts. Breeding will be in full swing when the riflemen take to the woods.

That's D&DH's forecast.  Mine?  The shaman has been throwing the bones and my prediction for the Greater Neave Metroplex, including Bachelor's Rest, Willow, Browning's Corner and Wally's cabin over on Mattox Road:  The long range weather forecast for next Summer going into Fall is near-normal in precipitation and temperature.  That may cause the oaks to bless us with a normal acorn harvest. However, the cicadas hit last year in my neck of the woods and that always engenders a lot of new growth.  Bump that acorn harvest up a notch or two if you heard the cicadas last year.  Now, I'm going back through all my copious records here . . . ah!. . . I've got it!  Expect a better than average showing of deer during the early Yute and Smokepole seasons.  Look for a lot of deer in the oak groves  in the latter part of October going into November. 

Go to the oak groves for your last minute scout before pulling out your rifle. If you hear acorns still falling, there will be deer there on Opening Day of Rifle Season.  If not, they're going to be out nibbling clover again like last season. The squirrels are telling me that the monster rackazoids are not due to show again until 2010, but that's just squirrels talking. They said Pink Floyd was going to tour again.  They could be right this time-- maybe another year with  lot of bucks sighted but not any big ones might be in store. If a shooter comes out, nail him. Don't wait for his big brother.

 . . . and just remember, you're the one listening to the guy with the funny headdress and the rattle. 
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