World’s Biggest Bucks: The Top Typical Whitetails of All Time

The Flemming Sheds

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The Flemming Sheds were found in Saskatchewan in 1983. It is estimated to score 207-2/8.

Photos Courtesy of Troy Huffman,

3 thoughts on “World’s Biggest Bucks: The Top Typical Whitetails of All Time

  1. lesterbarnhart

    on pic 5 of 6 were the rack has 13 inches in deductions is why i believe in the sci scoring system the deer grew it so it should be counted why take that away from the deer and thanks to jim shockey for being such a voice for sci club am hoping to get my buck checked again after drying to put him in the 180’s was 182 5/8 in boone and crocket his six stickers points would have made for deductions no thanks ya’ll have a great day thanks for reading and thank you deer and deer hunter magazine for keeping our passion for deer going even in the of season

  2. lesterbarnhart

    that is a beautiful buck,might end up number two if they ever get a chance to panel judge the king buck and it finaly get the recognition it deserves either way they are both trophies

  3. oneshot205

    I wouldn’t want any of them on my wall. I’d rather have the deer I’ve shot on my wall. If I shoot nice ones they’ll be on the wall. Some already are.

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