Weird Photo From Trail Camera

I have seen some weird photos come across my desk over the years, but this
one ranks up there with the best, or should I say “oddest,” of them.

The photo was captured by a trail camera set out by faithful D&DH reader
Greg Mariani. Greg writes, “We have been getting this same doe rooming our
property in central Wisconsin  since December 2007.  Can you by looking
the photos let us know what you think the deer may have?  Could it be just a
parasite or mange?”

We are not 100 percent positive on this one, but it does appear that the doe
has some type of mange. This is rare with whitetails, but cases have been
documented sporadically across deer country. Parasite infestation can also
cause these types of hair loss and skin lesions. In many cases, the
parasites are transferred at baiting and feeding stations.

Dan Schmidt, D&DH Editor





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    you ever see deer run in an enclosed area with 8ft fence they’ll drag there head against the fence pushing trying to get out…seen it first hand could be that possibly…the ones i saw had blood all over head and running from noses…got most em out thoughPosted by: Darrell

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