Deer Talk Now: Best Tips to Fill Your Freezer This Week

Are you still out of deer meat with the season in full tilt and an empty freezer just waiting to be filled before the holidays?

You’re hearing that freezer whispering to you, “Dude, c’mon. Get going and kill some deer!” Part of that deer hunting experience even late in the season, whether it’s post-rut in the Midwest or hitting the rut in the Southeast, involves communication with deer.

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Click the Photo to Order This Great Kit Now!

Jerry Peterson, founder of WoodsWise Calls in Tennessee, has studied deer and wildlife for decades during his hunting and scouting trips. He knows vocalizations are important to bucks, does and fawns, and using the right vocalization when you’re hunting can turn the odds in your favor.

Peterson explains on Deer Talk Now about:
— How to use contact calls to become a better hunter throughout the year;
How doe bleats mean more than just vocalization during the rut;

Watch this Deer Talk Now episode to get Peterson’s expert insights on how to get a deer’s attention and draw it in closer for a shot.

Click the photo ...

Click the photo …

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