Pennsylvania Deer Hunter Encounters More Frustration in the Field

Well, we’re back for Round 2 with the Pennsylvania deer hunter who says his leased property is overrun with other hunters who don’t have permission to be there.

TrespasserThis was the first video and gives you a glimpse of what’s going on. Sound familiar? Many of you probably have encountered similar problems. When you watch the video you’ll likely hear some of the same reasons, too.

“I’ve been hunting here since before you were born!”

Well, that doesn’t really mean squat when a signed lease agreement or ownership is involved.

“A guy told me I could hunt here. I don’t know, some guy a long time ago.”

So when someone during the Clinton Administration said it was OK, that transfers lifetime rights no matter what? Apparently so, to some people. Some folks often don’t care, of course, about whatever’s right, and then sometimes get snotty because they’re “just out walking and not hurting anything” or “we’re just doing a little hunting.”

Just traipsing around land that isn’t yours because no one is there, someone let you hunt there 16 years ago or because you’re 74 years old and Grandpappy ran rabbit beagles there back in the day ain’t the right thing. Ever.


Here’s a sample of what fellow D&DH fans are saying about this topic on Facebook:

Adam Proctor: Every situation is different. BUT, if he is truly “leasing” the property for the hunting rights, then typical hunting leases give ALL hunting rights to that person. No one, not even the land owner can grant someone else hunting rights unless approved by the person paying for the lease. Why bother leasing property if the land owner can give other people access? I’ve dealt with people like this. I had a guy once question me about hunting on a piece of property where I had permission. He pulled out a piece of paper that was over 10 years old that claims he had the right, per the land owner, to kick anyone off his property. Problem is, the land owner was dead and his daughter was executor, who I had permission from. Some people are just plain ignorant, like the guys in this video.

Mike Ware: I’m kinda torn on this issue, because I totally understand the rights of someone who signed a contract, but I also feel for the ppl who have in fact been hunting there since “before he was born” kinda reminds me of the tourist moving into your neighborhood and then wanting you to change to his way of living. I don’t know.. I still feel if you are seeing this many ppl around its time to venture further into the bush or get a new hobby, maybe hacky sack or something.

Robert Forss: Just because someone hunted somewhere years ago, doesn’t give them lifetime access. I rented a house years ago, should I just be able to walk into that house now?

Greg Macri: I don’t care how long they’ve been hunting there. If they don’t own the land, they have ZERO right to hunt there without permission.

Chad Buchholz: I feel your pain, I also think you are doing a great job of runnung these guys off.. Seems like a trip to the local PD and Conservation office with the footage you have should be able to fix the problem right off. And if you are a hunter that always plays by the rules you should ask a conservation agent to come sit ony your property for a couple of mornings to catch some of these guys.

Tommy Burdine: It doesn’t matter if you hunted it for years if its not your property. You have to get permission every year.

What do you think? Post your replies to this blog below …



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5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Deer Hunter Encounters More Frustration in the Field

  1. Gonly

    When you ease your own land espicialy after 15 years of leasing you have the say on who goes on the land. Who ever this Shelly was that keeps giving permission to these guys needs to be given a talking to. If you lease your car you have the say on who drive it right. It’s no different with leasing the land. He has his blood sweat and money invested in this property for a reason and it’s not to get trespassers off. GGo use public land if you dont have your land, that’s what I do. And if you see a hunter in a tree walk the other way I’m not there to make a friend.

    1. James Leo

      Everyone who goes afield to hunt has the responsibility to know where they are allowed to be hunting. Knowingly moving in on another hunter is selfish and dangerous. But the real problem for all of us who enjoy hunting, as far as this video is concerned, is this trend toward leasing out hunting “rights” on your land. The problem is with both the landowner and the group paying for the lease, greed and a perversion of hunting. The behavior demonstrated in this video by the lease owner is a sad example of where the future of hunting is going. I hunt both public and private land, and I see access to both becoming less available. Some farms are being posted and leased to out-of-state hunters and hundreds of acres of land open to public hunting in my area are being closed to hunting after 60yr. due to surface mining for coal. I am not and will not contribute to this attitude toward deer hunting. I’ll rise above it and continue in the tradition that I was taught. For example, if someone owns land and wants to sell/make illegal drugs on it, that land soon comes under outside control of law enforcement. So there are limits to this “I can do what I want with my land” philosophy, besides the wildlife belongs to all of us. Let’s get this “antler mania” under control, starting with ourselves and our families.

  2. manitoulin_hunter


    As much as I understand where you are coming from…i OWN and MANAGE private land and we all have to deal with trespassers. You lost me at “ignorant” though and your second video changed the focal point for me. I have not come across a more ‘ignorant’ video that portrays First Nation or Native Americans than that of your video.

    When I watched it, i was saddened and then sickened by your blatant racist perspective of what/who First Nation people are/represent. The fact that you have to say you are not a racist after you go through all that trouble to video tape yourself dressed as a Native (Indian) person and dance around mocking the traditional views and sanctity of such ceremony shows just how ‘ignorant’ you actually are.

    If it was sympathy from fellow hunters that you were looking for who understand your trials and tribulations as a private land manager (you don’t own the land you LEASE it) you have missed the mark with this particular hunter, conservationist, and long-time deer and deer hunting subscriber.

    Perhaps if it is empathy that you are looking for maybe you should start by googling “blackface” to understand how offensive what you did actually was. Positively brutal.

    The fact that Deer and Deer Hunting didn’t screen that video out is also quite disturbing. There should be some form of moderation on this site that does not promote blatantly racist views.

  3. fasteddie

    The guy in the video that leases the property is in the right to turn others away but his actions leave a lot to desire ! Confronting someone that is tresspassing is one thing . To be so obnoxious with the language is not an appropriate way in dealing with people .

  4. ben44

    The second guy in the video had C-O-P written all over him. Seems those with a tin badge feel they can go anywhere. No surprise I stopped deer hunting in the East.

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